Why should I buy a new bike from the Uni Bike Shop?

At the Uni Bike Shop we have a range of bikes on the floor to fit your specific needs and body dimensions. Our experienced staff can set you up on the correct bike and answer any questions you may have.  All our new bikes come with 2 free services (see services) at 1 month and 9 months, ensuring your bike runs well for the first year.  Our bikes also include a frame warranty* which varies by manufacturer (generally 3 years to lifetime) and one year warranty* on parts (depending on the manufacturer). For more details, click on products.

NB Manufacturer warranty and free servicing is not transferable if you sell the bike (this is standard practice in the industry).

*Does not include crash or negligence

Why should I buy from a bikeshop when I can buy online?

In today's free market there are numerous ways to purchase goods.  Buying from an independent retailer like the Uni Bike Shop allows you to come in and see our products, make comparison's and talk to a knowledgeable person about your requirements.  If we don't an item instock then we can order it in for you.  Any genuine warranty claims are also dealt by us. NB Most Australian distributors will not warranty products mail-ordered from overseas.

Why do I have to leave my bike outside?

Because it is a safety hazard given the space inside the shop and it also prevents other customers from entering.  Please lean/stand your bike in a rack or anywhere else but the front entrance of the shop.  Then enter the shop and if need be we will be more than happy to come out and look at any issue with your bike.

Why don't you lend tools?

  1. The uni has supplied basic tools for everyone's use on the pump station outside the shop.
  2. It is our livelihood.  If we lent tools all the time then there would be no point in having a workshop to charge for services. 
  3. Many of our tools are very expensive and some can be damaged easily by using them incorrectly.
  4. Some of the tools we have are very dangerous and it is a serious workplace health and safety issue, let alone extreme liability to lend them out.

We are still happy to lend tyre levers and a pump.