At the Uni bike shop we pride ourselves on the quality of our workmanship.  With over 30 years in the industry we have a wealth of knowledge and experience.  Please come in and talk to us or call us about the services we offer:


 General Service

  • Our general service includes ensuring all headset, stem, handlebar, crank, bottom bracket, seatpost, seat and pedal bolts are tightened correctly.  Adjusting and tuning of brakes and gears. Checking the chain/cogs for wear.  Inspecting tyres for damage and pumping tyres to recommended pressure.  Truing any minor wheel buckles.  Wiping down the bike and lubing the chain. We will always call you if your bike requires a major part, though we will usually fit low cost items, eg cable/tube/brake pads where they are required.*    
  • We try to make every general service a same day service.  If you can have your bike in at 8:30/9:00 then we can have it out to you on the same afternoon.  The reasons are twofold: so our costumers can ride in/home the same day and also due to our limited storage space.
  • Every new bike we sell comes with two free general services, at 1 month and 9 months, so that your bike is running well for the first year of ownership.  Please consider this when shopping for a new bike.

 General Service + degrease chain and cogs

  • This service includes details listed in the general service above, plus degreasing the chain and cogs so that they look like new (depending on age) and run much more smoothly.*

Pro Service

  • This service includes all above, but we completely strip your bike down to the frame and rebuild it.  This includes regreasing headset, repacking/regreasing wheel bearings and bottom bracket.  A complete clean of all components and frame.  Plus new gear and brake cables and housing.*

 Other services we provide: Other services we provide:

  • Flat tyre solutions
  • Individual part services (from lists above)
  • Wheel building
  • Disc brake bleeding
  • Shock setup
  • Bike setup - having 25 years experience and a qualified exercise scientist on staff we are confident in our ability to set you up correctly "for you".  We welcome any enquires regarding bike setup and think that you will find our prices very competitive.
  • Service Quotes
  • Insurance Quotes
  • Pretty much any other service not listed here that you can think of, just ask us.


  • We will not service supermarket bikes (except for flat tyres within reason) as we have found their build/component quality to be inadequate, thus not allowing us to guarantee a professional standard of service.
  • Sometimes it is just more economical to buy a new bike than repair your old clunker.  Please think carefully about the quote and advice we have given you should you find yourself in this conundrum.

*Parts extra