About Us

Welcome to the Uni bike shop website. For over 25 years the Uni bike shop, located in the centre of the University of Qld, has serviced cyclists and commuters from all over Brisbane. Most of our customers work in or around the University, but we don't discriminate and welcome anyone who is looking for fair and honest advice, priding ourselves on our servicing and product knowledge.

In this regard the Uni bike shop aims to be an honest retail/service centre. For example: if we tell you that we think you should get a new tyre fitted, it is becuase it will save you from getting more punctures due to the holes in it. Not because we want to sell you a tyre. If you ask us to install a new chain on your bike, we will strongly suggest (and often demand if chain wear is excessive) that you put a new cassette on. Not because we want to sell you a cassette, but because the probability of chain slip (due to a new chain not meshing with a worn cassette) is great and may cause you injury. We are in this business because we love it, not because we make a lot of money out of it, so please trust our judgement.    

All of the staff at the Uni bike shop have raced bicycles (to quite high levels) at some point in their lives, in disciplines such as road, track, mtb, downhill, 4X and bmx.  Plus some have worked on top race teams as a mechanic. We also commute to work and enjoy the occasional trek off the beaten track with panniers laden. Just ask Gav and Jeremy about some of their escapades.         

After 25 years we thought it was high time to move out of the dark ages and establish a website where people can find out about the shop, our bikes, the services we provide and the people who provide those services. We still offer 2 free services with every bike sold.  Please enjoy the site and contact us if you have any enquiries.

Jeremy asked me to put this website together in late Nov 2008 to bring the Uni bike shop into the 20th centuary, never mind the 21st.

Being unable to use the txt function on his mobile phone I thought this was a giant leap technology-wise and applaud him for taking it.

I know my generation (x/y) go straight to the internet to find information these days and to not have a website means missing out.

It is now September 2016 and it is time to hand the reigns over to someone else. Thank-you for the memories Uni Bike Shop.


Peter H

Our customers

Our customers are predominately staff and students who work and study around the University's St. Lucia campus.

Though we have a growing number of customers from the greater Brisbane area who are looking for good honest service.

It is the aim of this website to inform our customers of our products and services, plus any news that we think is relevant.

Thank you to all our customers for their continued support.